At Your Fingertips

Speed: A truly INSTANT French Manicure.

Versatility: Use with nail polish, colors, & formulas of choice. Even use gel!

Ease of use: Dip, wipe backside & free edge (as you would any polish), apply.


Become your own manicurist with French Tip Dip. It's an easy, affordable, do-it-yourself French Manicure tool grabbing the attention of beauty lovers across the U.S. and abroad. The fastest French Manicure in the world? Many have experienced French Tip Dip to be just that. Try it now!



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Multiple sized tips for quick and easy French manicures and pedicures. One size fits most.

Perfect for natural & artificial fingers & toes.

Easy cleanup with nail polish remover.

Polish refills available...or use your own!